3060_medical_doctor_hospital_sign_md_symbol_sticker_decalEmployers are wary of workers’ compensation medical providers, as the types of cases these doctors handle can be very expensive, requiring specialized procedures and ongoing treatments. Having an experienced medical professional and workers’ compensation expert surgery center, like the one Medical Director Dr. Alexander Zaks MD operates in Beverly Hills CA, can be an employer’s best ally in fairly treating patients, while ensuring that an employer’s costs are kept under control. Alexander Zaks’  facilities treat workers’ compensation patients in ways that are safe and consistent with medical standards of California.

Employers Who Intentionally Mislead Insurance Carriers

The massive amount of money flowing through the health care system provides ample incentive for fraud at every layer of the system. This includes employers that take steps to intentionally supply fraudulent information to insurance companies in a quest to limit, and in some cases avoid, the expense of workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

understand-4The Government Accountability Office estimates that ten cents out of every dollar spent on health care is lost to fraud, meaning that fraud costs around 200 million dollars annually in health care spending. With so much money at stake it is not surprising that employees and medical providers would attempt to defraud the system with false claims. Medical Provider Networks may deliberately under treat injured workers’ compensation patients to keep costs down and some insurance companies routinely challenge submitted claims in a game of delay and deny, avoiding the payment of even legitimate claims. This notwithstanding, deliberate workers’ compensation insurance fraud by employers has largely remained below the radar of public view.



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